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- Please visit Old Style Shoe Shine & Repair Co., my updated website at www.oldstyleshoeshinerepair.com I keep this website because this is where I started over 10 years ago. -

- Tuesday - Friday 10 AM - 6 PM Saturday Noon - 5 PM Closed Sunday and Monday -

- Please support this small business! -

- Buy our Gift cards on-line or come in and buy a hard copy! As other small bushiness have also started to close in downtown Seattle as well. -
- I have many customers tell me that they're so happy I'm in downtown Seattle and how its a LOST Art-Trade, and that they will bring all their shoes and boots to us. (But only 15% ever do). -
- Please Donate, Buy our Gift cards here on our website, or stop by and drop off your shoes and boots!. -
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- if you want or need us for an event, from 15 - 1000 people, we have up to 5 stands available. Check at the bottom of this page for some of the events we've been involved with. -

- Please copy and past here or contact us, and if you know someone who would like to donate their time to help with my websites, please send info to info@oldstyleshoeshine.com or contact us personally. -

- At Old Style - We do more than just shine shoes. That being said, you're simply not polished if your shoes don't shine. -

- All walk-ins who choose to sit in one of our shoe shine chairs, always come first! -
- My team and I have been vaccinated and have all our boosters plus Flu shots. -
- Come on down to the shop and meet the team in downtown Seattle. -

- Old Style Shoe Shine & Repair Co has moved to the SE corner of 7th Avenue And Union Street. Across the street from Act Theatre, and next to the Cortina Restaurant near the stairs leading up the Arch - Seattle Convention Center. and below the Homestreet Bank sign -

- Two Union Square -
- September 30, 2022 was Old Style's last day at US Bank Center inside the lobby at 6th Avenue and Pike Street. We had two locations inside 1420 5th Avenue, spanning 6.5 years. -
- Parking is available at Two Union Square with four 4 Free 20 minute parking spots just to the left of my new location on 7th Avenue and there is longer term parking in the garage. $7 in the evenings and on weekends and holidays. -
- If you want information on parking in downtown Seattle, try this link: https://prkseattle.com/ -
- New address but the same phone number just a different location. (206) 453 - 4063 -
- So, if you have time, stop by and see what all the fuss is about. -
- Look forward to seeing you again or for the first time. -
- At Old Style - We do more than just shine shoes. -
- That being said, you're simply not polished if your shoes don't shine! -

- November 18, 2022, we have celebrated 10 years in business in the downtown Seattle as of March 2023. -

- In Operation in the greater Seattle area Since March 30, 2013 -
- Please email if you have any questions and add photos of the project you're thinking about having Old Style Shoe Shine & Repair Co to work on. It's best if you take photos of the top, bottoms, all sides, including front and back and email to info@oldstyleshoeshine.com for a more accurate quote. thank you, The Management -

- Please support this Small Business!! -

- Going forward, we ARE NOT a storage facility. Therefore, ALL items MUST be picked up in a timely manner. We will text you twice and then call after the third week. -
- Now Accepting All Credit cards, plus "Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Old Style Gift card, and Venmo. Ask us about payment plans." -
- I appreciate all of your patience, loyalty and look forward to your service and cooperation now and in the near future. Thank you & Stay Safe. -

- Drop offs are always welcomed! -

- I look forward to seeing you! -


New Solid Brass French Plates, for people who walk fast. Only available at Old Style Shoe Shine-Repair Co


Got time for a shoe shine or shoe or boot repair?

saphir 22

Saphir products

Best of Ciity June 2021 - Seattle Met

Voted Best of Seattle June 2021 by Seattle Met!

Custom dyed Cedar Shoe Trees

Custom dyed shoe trees are available, contact us for more information at cw@oldstyleshoeshine.com

- Testimonials -

- There is no one close to Clayne in terms of talent and expertise. And a great personality to boot, no pun intended. Thank you Clayne. -
- David Young - Managing Director at JLL - Seattle, WA. -
- Old Style Shoe Shine is the best place to get your shoes shined in downtown Seattle. Clayne has shined my shoes, repaired my boots, and resoled shoes for me. The service is great. I highly recommend. -
- Lori Safer - Seattle, WA. -
- Clayne does an amazing job on all shoes, especially high end cordovan - I’ll keep coming back. -
- Adam Hirsch - Sammamish, WA. -
- Clayne knows exactly what he's doing and runs a smooth operation! He restored my 10 year old boots, replaced heels on another pair of boots, AND shortened a leather fanny pack belt. -
- They all turned out wonderful and beautiful. He's knowledgeable and experienced. I will certainly be back. -
- Kathy Lee - Seattle, WA. -
- I have been a loyal customer of Clayne's for over 8 years now. He has shined, buffed, repaired, painted, and customized dozens of my shoes! -
- He is such a wonderful person and a caring small business owner. -
- They say everyone checks out your shoes first when they see you. And thanks to Clayne, it’s been a great first impression! -
- Jimmy Ng - Bellevue, WA. -
- The day I got my dream boots, I discovered they were so slippery I didn't feel safe walking in them. -
- Old Style Shoe Shine put grippy Vibram soles and toe taps on them so seamlessly you'd never know they weren't original. -
- The work is gorgeous, they were ready in only a couple weeks, and now I can wear these every day! -
- The price was super reasonable for new soles and taps; I've already recommended Old Style to my friends and will be going through my closet to find any of my other shoes that need some highly-skilled love. -
- Brigid Lohman - Seattle, WA. -
- This is my first encounter will a full service shoe shine and repair. Exceptional personal service and attention to detail, and a loyalty program to top it off. -
- Their work is outstanding!! The shine far exceeds what I did in the military. I give them my highest recommendation. -
- Rick Emerson - Seattle, WA. -
- I love nice shoes, but I'm hard on them! -
- I had 8 pair of my shoes refurbished and I'm so happy with the work Clayne and his team did! -
- Especially my favorite Rebecca Minkoff "LOVE" loafers... the blush pink suede needed a good cleaning and new soles; I'd worn a HOLE in the bottom of the leather soles! -
- I am excited to be able to wear them again soon I had another pair of Kate Spade wedges resoled and a few Italian leather booties needed a good shine and heel-tips. -
- Instead of buying another pair of shoes, I gave 8 of my favorites that are already comfy a bit of love for basically the same price as a new designer pair. -
- Win! -
- Clayne will take great care of your favorite, quality leather shoes and handbags. -
- Couldn't be happier! -
- Erica D. - Seattle, WA. -
- Brought in a few pairs of scuffed up boots and Clayne was very friendly and knowledgeable, he assessed all the boots and gave great recommendations. -
- Got suede cleaning/waterproofing on two pairs and a pair of leather hiking boots needed a leak fixed and shoeshine. -
- All boots were returned in fantastic condition, am most impressed by the great work on the leather boots that look better than brand new. -
- Highly recommend Clayne for his friendly and expert service. -
- Mary N. - Seattle, WA. -
- I've never had my shoes shined before but Clayne explained the process and the waxes he uses, and they're pretty high quality from what I've seen from my research online. -
- It's quite fun to sit in the chair and chat too if you have time for it, I'm glad a place like this exists! -
- Chris L. - Seattle, WA. -
- After searching high and low for a cobbler in Seattle, I was so happy to find Old Style Shoe Shine tucked away in downtown! -
- Clayne is great - he assessed the boots I wanted resoled, we discussed material options, my limited timeline (I was hoping to get them done in about 2 weeks or less due to the upcoming thanksgiving break) and price points and I felt like he really listened and provided a good range of options. -
- I paid upfront via credit card and received a text confirmation and receipt which was super nice so I didn't have to worry about losing my ticket. -
- Happily, the boots were done a whole week early and I popped by to pick them up. -
- The whole exercise was super easy and I'm very happy with the new soles and the polish job they did on my boots. I'll be back! -
- Jenn E. - Seattle, WA. -
- This place is what ALL businesses should be! Friendly, polite, funny, and fantastic work I had several questions regarding shoes and products, got all them answered. -
- Also took few pairs of shoes to repair, got back fantastic results...and will definitely come back. -
- Bonus: people in there have awesome sense of humor :] -
- Alex T. - Seattle, WA. -
- A lot of people do a reasonable job shining shoes, but these guys are master craftsmen that take pride in their work. They also do an excellent job with shoe repair to the extent that I have brought my shoes down from Bellingham on more than one occasion to be properly mended.
- Carlton McQueen - Bellingham, WA. -
- "Clayne is the best. He will give you amazing personal service and your shoes will look like new. You'll also learn so much about taking care of your shoes and how rotating your shoes saves your feet too"! -
- Annette Dresser -
- Executive Partner with J Hilburn - Bellevue, WA. -
- "Clayne and his expanding crew have returned the craft of shining shoes to one of taking great pride in a job well done. I recommend Clayne for both individual shoe shines and for enhancing corporate or charity events". -
- Jeff Pyatt -
- President - Pyatt Broadmark Management - Seattle, WA. -
- "I have hired Clayne, and he has come to my home and office to polish my shoe collection. The quality of his shine and customer service is excellent and I appreciate his punctuality. Thank you Clayne". -
- Stuart Butler -
- Founder - Entrepreneur - Connector - Event Services Visionary - Seattle, WA. -
- "Look no further. Honest, ethical, hard working, the man works it and deserves all good things coming his way" -
- Howard Wright -
- Founder and CEO at Seattle Hospitality Group - (SHG) - Seattle, WA. -
- "Clayne is one of the hardest working shiners in the business, always willing to take a risk and learn more about his craft. A true professional with years of experience, his desire to offer the highest level of service and quality is an inspiration to all entrepreneurs". -
- Kevin Tuohy - Founder of A Shine & Co. - The Shoeshine Guild -
- San Francisco - New York City - Osaka -
- Great attention to detail and explanation of what is being done throughout the process.
- Cute little gem tucked away in downtown Seattle - glad I found them! -
- Charles R. -

- MYTH -:

- New shoes don’t need to be shined. Shoes only need to be shined when they start to look worn. -

- FACT -:

- If you’ve made an investment in a pair of shoes that you love and want to last, there are several reasons why it is important to get them shined before you first wear them. -
- During COVID-19 a lot of people were not wearing their leather footwear. -
- Leather is skin that can no longer produce its own oils to stay supple, so it will naturally become dry over time. -
- Much of the damage that occurs to leather – tears, cracks, gouges, scuffs, stains, water damage, and color fading/loss – can be directly attributed to or aggravated by dryness. -
- Since new shoes have often been sitting in the box waiting for you to purchase them, they are likely to be in need of conditioning, regardless of how good they look. -
- A proper shine will include an initial round of conditioning with some type of leather balm. -
- This, coupled with the oils in a quality polish, will provide the essential moisture leather shoes need to fortify them against the hazards of wear. -
- A final benefit of moisturizing leather is that it helps stiff new shoes break in more readily, and who doesn’t want that? -
- All leather dries out over time, so we recommend conditioning and polishing your shoes regularly regardless how much use they see. Even entirely new shoes will often benefit from some tender loving care before first use. -
- Frequent maintenance will not only ensure best possible looks, but also greatly lengthen the lifespan of your shoes -
- In addition to giving leather shoes vital conditioning, several layers of skillfully applied, high quality polish puts a protectant barrier between the surface finish of the shoes and the elements. -
- Crucial for hand-painted and ‘antiqued’ patinas, polishing helps finishes to “adhere” to the leather and to resist rubbing off or fading, keeping those sought after artisan finishes safely on the shoes the same way in which it keeps unwanted damage out -
- This includes all types of shoe wear, including sneakers, suede, and nubuck. -
- Because of the Pandemic, shoe manufactures and shoe makers started making higher end dress sneakers. And suede and nubuck is included. -

- Sneakers, dress sneakers, suede, and nubuck are drop-off only shoe wear, it takes between four - ten hours to do a proper cleaning and shampooing of sneakers and suede. We clean the insoles by taking them out of the shoes, take the shoes laces out and wash them, and will contact you if new laces are suggested. We shampoo the interior and exterior, and set them out to dry. Drying times can take between an hour - five, depending on the fabric. We then put the laces and insoles back into the shoes, freshening them up with a deodorant and waterproof them with Tarrago Nano Water and stain proofer. -


Di-icing sneaker bottoms.


Nike - OFF WHITE Shoes - Customer tried cleaning the shoe but the logo bleed out from the products he used.


Adidas - Resurface with Vibram


NB Color change to Purple! From him to her for Christmas.

Steve Madden Before and After 5-2021

Steve Madden - hand sanitizer marks - Before & After

Gucci - Before and After 2021

Before & After Gucci 1/2 loafer - Large scrap on toe box.

Blk Gucci - Before and After

Before & After - Gucci loafer


Before & After - Ferragamo loafers

Common Projects before and after - 2021

Before & After - Common Projects - 2021

Mold on Prada boots -2021

Before & After - Mold on Prada Boots - 2021

- Repairs - And More -

- Available in many sizes and colors prices vary from shoe to shoe, depending on what condition they are in. Stop by for a quote, email us, cw@oldstyleshoeshine.com photos if you'd like.

- Walk-ins anytime, Shoe and boot repair is also available. -
- Drop your shoes off or sit in the chair and get a shine. -
- We have a complimentary Wi-Fi, YouTubeTV, and bottled water, while you get the best shine in Seattle and maybe the west coast! -
- New heels, zip soles, Toppy soles, Rubber non-skid, three weeks out on in-store repairs. We can Expedite but it does cost more in store repairs. The greater Seattle area has lost." -
- For Dainite soles or Leather soles and you'd want them sewn on with a welt, Goodyear welt, or Blake stitch, I am currently about (4 -8) weeks out on this type of shoe repairs. - Expedition is not available for shoes or boots that are sewn on. -
- Shoe and boot refurbishing, salt and water damage 30 - 45 days out. -
- Suede and Sneaker cleaning. 21 - 30 days out days out, depending on the condition of the shoes. -
- Sneaker cup soles or resurfacing old sneakers with new rubber bottoms, we are currently 60 days out, depends if you'd like a generic sole, Vibram sole, or if I can get it from the original manufacture. -
- Call, email, or walk in and see what all the fuss is about. -
-Shoe repair adds value to your footwear investment. We at Old Style Shoe Shine & Repair Co can save you money, make your shoes more comfortable and keep you looking good. -
- In addition to replacing soles and heels, here are some other footwear-related services you can find at your local shoe repair shop. -
- Shoes can be stretched for increased comfort. -
- Shoes can be adapted to fit unique feet. -
- Shoes can be professionally waterproofed to protect from salt stains. -
- Heel tips can be changed from hard to non-skid rubber. -
- Heel savers can be applied to prolong the life of the heel. -
- Protective soles can be applied to prolong the life of the leather soles. -
- Eyelets and other hardware can be replaced. -
- New Shoes -
- You can also visit Old Style with new shoes. Here are a few ways we at Old Style can add value to new footwear. -
- Protective soles can be applied to extend sole life and increase slip resistance. -
- Shoes can be dyed if a color change is necessary. -
- Shoes that are too tight can be stretched up to a quarter size. -
- Plastic heels can be replaced with slip-resistant rubber. -
- Shoes can be weatherproofed for added protection in wet or oily environments. -
More than shoes -
- Your shoe repairers’ expertise isn’t limited to your feet. They can also: -
- Replace Zippers -
- Shorten belts - Add new holes on belts, bags, and other garments. -
- Re-lace baseball gloves -
- Stitch handbags -
- Refinish leather coats -
- Replace buckles -
At Old Style - We do more then shine shoes. - That being said, You're simply not polished if your shoes don't shine.
Yes - We do repairs - 2020

Yes, We do shoe repair!

Shoe repair 2020

All types of shoes, belts, bags, and briefcases.

Old Style Repairs 2020

All types of shoes, belts, bags, and briefcases.


Brass French Plates - Only at Old Style! Available 2023


Before and After - Chanel New partial stem work and new Topy sole

Green Ostrich

Belvedere Ostrich- Before and After

- Employee Appreciation -

Join the businesses giving back to their employees with Employee Appreciation! -
- Old Style Shoe Shine & Repair Co. is also a Mobile Shoe Shine Service that comes to your office anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. -
- I'm working with a few businesses that are paying for the employees to get their shoes shined and repaired as an "Employee Appreciation" and to get ready to start working with clients face to face again. -
- Pay it forward! -
- And then after the first office shoe shine, I'll set up an appointment to go to their office monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly to shine, and pick up shoes for repairs as well and these businesses are footing the bill. *Pun intended. -
- What do you think of Old Style Mobile Shoe Shine coming by your office one of these days? Make an appointment by emailing us at cw@oldstyleshoeshine.com -
- Just a minimum of 10 pairs or more of men's and women's shoes,boots, sneakers, and suede is a good start.
- By Appointment Only! -

- Now Accepting Venmo, Credit cards, Gift cards, and cash. -
- Email for availability. -
- Using the number one product in the world Saphir -"Considered by many sartorial enthusiasts to be the King of shoe polishes", Saphir all natural and made for fine leather products. -
- To learn more about Saphir visit their website - www.saphir.com -
- I have five different shines available. ( email cw@oldstyleshoeshine.com for a price sheet) -
- The most popular is the Executive Shine also known as the - Seattle Shine - because it's good for the Seattle wet weather and lasts a long time. Some customers it's to good, because it lasts so long. That's why I suggest to come in and get a cleaning and some good leather lotion to help keep the leather looking good. For added protection $5 more get Tarrago Nano water proofing cream. -
- And I also have a deep Dubbin rub for those work boots, climbing boots, motorcycle boots, and all around non shiny water repel care. -
- Add new soles and heels to your favorite shoes/boots and make them last a lifetime. -
- At Old Style - We do more then just shine shoes. -
- That being said, You're simply not polished if your shoes don't shine. -
Mobile Shoe Shine2 - 2020

Old Style Mobile Shoe Shine & Repair Co. Office and Event shoe shines!


The Material Show in Portland, OR in 2013. Featuring many companies from around the world, and Nike too.

Office shines 2021

Employee Appreciation Amenity- Paying it Forward - Employer's taking care of Employees!

Office shine - Cascadia Capitel - 7-2021

-Employee Appreciation at Cascadia Capital LLC- Seattle, WA.


- .Employee Appreciation Amenity- Paying it Forward - Employer's taking care of Employees!

AWB - OSMSSCo 2021

Association of Washington Business - AWB - Olympia, WA. - Employee Appreciation Amenity- Paying it Forward - Employer's taking care of Employees!

Cascadia Capitl 2021

Cascadia Capital - Employee Appreciation Amenity- Paying it Forward - Employer's taking care of Employees!


Amundi US taking care of their client Morgan Stanley - Client Appreciation Amenity- Paying it Forward -

Saphir products 2020

Saphir Products - Made in France - Since 1925 - "The Gold Medal of Shoe Polish".

Boots in closet

Last years boots, found in the closet - Refurbished for 2022!

- Employee Appreciation or just a small or large event! -
- Are you thinking about doing something for your Employees? -
- Between 10 - 500 people. -
- We have one, two or even five shoe shine stands available for any event or party. -
- We're vaccinated, wear our masks when asked, wear rubber gloves, and sanitize between each shoe shine. -

- So, are you looking for Something Different for Your Next Event? email info@oldstyleshoeshine.com -

- Event shoe shine service is just the thing! -
- We will bring a source of enjoyment, amusement, and diversion yo your party, style and elegance to your show, or an enticing temptation to your event. Your booth traffic will multiply. -
- Good for small events from 10 people to 100. We also have several mobile shoe shine stands to shine up to 1000 attendees. -
- Our service is perfect for for conventions, trade shows, grand openings, holiday parties, and more. -
- Employees love it as an added gift from their employer. -
- The shoe shine experience will be remembered well after the job is done. -
- Every time you look at your shoe's from the first time until the next time, thinking, "I do have time for a shoe shine". Our unique, shoe shine service will increase traffic to your booth while successfully creating a buzz around your event! -
- This would include Master Shiners with many years of experience. Shiners have excellent customer service skills and well liked at all our events. -
- Old Style also uses our premium shoe polish Saphir! -


Seattle Wedding Show at the Arch Seattle Convention Center - 2023


Seattle Wedding Show at the Arch Seattle Convention Center giving complementary shoe shines to all that stop by.


Sponsored by Lumio - Home Solar Co. They hastheir Employee Appreciation Party at Climate Pledge Arena. We shined, cleaned, and brushed sneakers, suede, and dress shoes for this fun event. Do you appreciate your employees enough to to Sponsor Old Style at your next event?


Three shoe shine chairs for this event, we shied, cleaned, and brushed suede for 200 employees of Lumio!


Co - Sponsored by Tarrago Sneaker Care, We cleaned and waterproofed over 200 pairs of sneakers at Seattle's sneakercon 2023!


Sneakercon 2023 - Cleaning over 200 pairs of sneakers!


The Material Show - Portland, OR. This is an event where companies share and sell products for all kinds of shoe wear. Nike started the convention 20+ years ago and we saw a lot of people from many countries.


Employee Appreciation Week!

Office shine - Cascadia Capitel - 7-2021

Office shines, and sneaker and suede cleaning is available. Weekly, bi-weekly, once a month, quarterly, or twice a year is available.

AMR - 2021 - 2

First Event of 2021 with AMR - American Medical Response in Tukwila, WA. For their National Employment Appreciation Week they do every year. This is my second time out.

Event at Microsoft

Giving comlimentary shoes shines for Vendor Appreciation sponsored by Microsoft - 2019.

INTA Conference

Giving over 500 complimentary shoes shines at this four days, eight hours a day event sponsored by INTA. In the Seattle Convention Center - 2018.


Giving complimentary shoe shines at the Young People of Seattle end of the summer and also end of the year events. Sponsored by Hendricks Gin from 2014 - 2018.


Giving complimentary shoe shines at CenturyLink in the 6th floor suites. From 2013 - 2016.


Giving complimentary shoe shines to all that stop by! #GoHawks!


NWES sponsored by Stuart Butler and owner of Butler Seattle giving complimentary shoe shines for all that stopped by in 2018.