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"Clayne is not just a shoe shiner, he is a shoe artist. The work he has done on my shoes is incredible. Everything from the shines to the hand done patina, I don't trust anyone with my shoes except Clayne".

- Matt Kristiansen - Bellevue.


"Clayne's work is fabulous, I can recommend him without reservation. He's timely, professional and all about Customer Service. He'll baby your best shoes and give you a Presidential shine. And, he can revive that pair of shoes you never thought would see the light of day again".

- Peter Truex - Seattle.


"Clayne is the best. He will give you amazing personal service and your shoes will look like new. You'll also learn so much about taking care of your shoes and how rotating your shoes saves your feet too"!

- Annette Dresser - Executive Partner with J Hilburn - Bellevue.


"Clayne and his expanding crew have returned the craft of shining shoes to one of taking great pride in a job well done. I recommend Clayne for both individual shoe shines and for enhancing corporate or charity events".

- Jeff Pyatt - President - Pyatt Broadmark Management - Seattle.


"I have hired Clayne, and he has come to my home and office to polish my shoe collection. The quality of his shine and customer service is excellent and I appreciate his punctuality. Thank you Clayne".

Stuart Butler - Founder - Entrepreneur - Connector - Event Services Visionary - Seattle.


"Look no further. Honest, ethical, hard working. The man works it and deserves all good things coming his way". -HSW.

Howard Wright - Founder and CEO at Seattle Hospitality Group - (SHG) - Seattle.


"Clayne is truly a master of his craft! Not only does he himself give outstanding shines, but his well-trained staff does an equally impressive job. I have hired Clayne & his team on numerous occasions to give shoe shines at various events I organize for work -- they never disappoint and do a phenomenal job".

Matt Coleman - WA & AK State Manager - Sales at Lucas Bols B.V. -Seattle.


"Clayne is one of the hardest working shiners in the business, always willing to take a risk and learn more about his craft. A true professional with years of experience, his desire to offer the highest level of service and quality is an inspiration to all entrepreneurs".

- Kevin Tuohy - Founder of A Shine & Co. - The Shoeshine Guild

- San Francisco - New York City - Osaka -


Looking for Something Different for Your Next Event

Event shoe shine service is just the thing!

We will bring a source of enjoyment, amusement, and diversion yo your party, style and elegance to your show, or an enticing temptation to your event. Your booth traffic will multiply.

Our service is perfect for for conventions, trade shows, grand openings, holiday parties, and more.

Employees love it as an added gift from their employer.

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