“Old Style Shoe Shine is the only shoeshine in town I trust my shoes to. They do an excellent job. They reconditioned my Hermes Sac de peche briefcase and it looks like new. Untrained shoeshines can ruin a good pair of shoes. If you want to protect your leather goods, these are your guys”

Marshal McReal

About Old Style Shoe Shine Co.

Come on down and meet the the team, At Old Style - We do more then just shine shoes! That being said, You're simply not polished if your shoes don't shine. Offering five types of shines Basic, Executive, Presidential, Shell Cordovan, and (Presidential Military - Off The Foot Only)


Clayne is the Founder and CEO of Old Style Shoe Shine Co. He added the Saphir brand because of it was better for the leather, and works on all leather products. I've shined shoes on a professional level going into my 20th year. I've worked on all kinds of leather I have an eye for detail and color, expanding my education in leather color restoration. Experience with all types of leather from calf, cow, bull, pig, deer, ostrich, snake, lizard, alligator, crocodile, elephant, stingray, shark, Shell Cordovan and many more.


- Selling retail, Saphir Polish, leather lotion, shoe trees and shoe laces etc. This is a shoe shine business, and we do show repairs also. We do use a third party a lot our shoe repair work.
- Preventive Maintenance is a MUST with new leather.
- Shoe shining, Leather & Suede Restoration, Water Damage Removal, Custom Dyeing, High Heel Replacement, heel and sole replacement also available. Stop by for a cleaning and conditioning at least twice a month. I even have *water/stain proofing.
- Since new shoes have often been sitting in the box waiting for you to purchase them, they are likely to be in need of conditioning, regardless of how good they look.
It's never to late...
- Old Style saves the business person time and money, Time you don't need to look for a shoe shiner and money we make your shoes look Great! Shoe Shine Stand in US Bank City Centre near the 1st floor escalator.

- History -

- Established in March 2013 -
- Doing events for Mercedes-Benz, Get Hitched Give Hope, and Seattle Seahawks Preseason games in 2014 -16. Moved into Rainier Square and took over George's Shoes shine stand. Clayne added Square for credit cards, Apple and Android pay.
- Added a local shoe repair. Doing on heels and soles, salt and water damage and some small repairs, stop by for a quote.
July 2015
- Started using Saphir as our main product. Saphir Medaille d'Or is widely considered by shoe aficionados to be the best collection of shoe care products in the world.
April 2016
- Opened a store in US Bank Centre, selling retail, shoes shines and repairs.
January 2017
- Started using only Saphir Products for all shines.
May 2017
- Closed shoe shine stand in Rainier Square. Only one stand now in US Bank Centre.
June 2018
Two shoe shine chairs, drop offs welcomed for shoe shine